If you have not heard about us - glad you visited to get acquainted with our non-governmental organization.

Who are we ?

  • We - permanent, non-profit, public entity, voluntary, non-governmental organization of Siauliai formalized partnership structure, representing the common interests of the community including all possible activities.
  • VISION - SNGO authority, seeking to ensure balanced and non-governmental organizations, public administration and cooperation SNGO representation.
  • MISSION - to unite non-governmental organizations represent the interests of their own and the strengthening of the NGO sector at all levels.

Our goals are:

  •     SNGO sector (organizations) - the dissemination of information, consulting, training, methodological tools, databases, various conferences and forums.
  •   SNGO coalition formation and strengthening - SNGO coalitions in various areas of public policy, SNGO network development, SNGO Reporting System.
  •   SNGO and local cooperation strengthening - with NGO activities related laws monitoring (supervision), analysis of draft laws and a proposal from the preparation and delivery of the Seimas and the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, SNGO funding system at the municipal level, SNGO representation mechanism.
  •  SNGO external environment improvement - SNGO public awareness raising, dissemination of information about the Lithuanian NGO sector in national and international publications, SNGO sector's  positive image building.
  •  Volunteering traditions development - voluntary work law regulating the legal enforcement of the initiation of the conditions to ensure voluntary work performance and compensation system, public awareness of volunteering topics.

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